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  • 24/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Fight Fit additions

    This week's new addition to the fight fit programme revolves around reactions. Duck and move! Allowing the pad holder to test the student's ability to react to: sweeping gestures to the face( can the student duck and weave when an unexpected attack comes), attacking in the right window of time (can the student move and counter when necessary) and following the centre line (can the student follow the centre link under pressure). These are all key skills needed in combat - hence an essential addition to our students training. More is to come next week - so stay tuned for more fight fit.

    Train hard, fight easy 

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  • class of kung fu
    23/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    A look back...

    A look back to when i first started kung fu! (That's me in the orange shirt!) a couple of months into my training and i was already loving it! A lot has changed since then, but the one thing that hasn't changed is my love for the art.

    Train hard, fight easy and i'll see you all in class!

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  • bruce lee
    21/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    A new week of training

    The great martial artist bruce lee once said "A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at." Make your wing tsun goal to come to class every week and you'll reach heights you never thought possible! Have a great week and i'll see you in class for kick ass kung fu!

    Martial arts classes on rutherglen main street St columbkille hall

    2 kirkwood street G45 0QB

    monday, tuesday, thursday

    7:00 - 8:30

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  • swiss crew
    15/10/2019 - Alexander MCgregor 0 Comments
    A look back on switzerland 2018

    A brief loopback on my switerzlan intensive week in 2018. I had a great time learning directing from the number 2 in the organisation EWTO - grandmaster schrembi. I hope to go back soon and continue my training as a 3rd higher grade, to see the next level of my training!

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  • group pic
    10/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Martial art lessons at The Martial Practice rutherglen

    The Martial Practice offers fun and effective martial art lessons local to Rutherglen. Start your 2 week free trial now to get safe in 6 months!

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  • alex new uniform
    08/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    New uniform!

    Still feeling knocked out from sickness but i had to post about my new uniform! It's my first time in my 3rd degree higher grade uniform since receiving the grade to it's a proud moment! Keep training! Keep fighting!

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  • sport
    05/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    is wing tsun a sport?

    do you consider wing tsun a sport?

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  • bruce lee
    04/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Did you know Bruce lee is the one that brought wing tsun to fame?​

    Did you know Bruce lee is the one that brought wing tsun to fame? Bruce lee, one of the world's most famous practitioners or wing tsun was the first person to teach wing chun or wing tsun in the west - namely america. Setting up his wing chun school with his bruce lee twist involving western martial arts and karateka into the mix. It was only after dealing deeper into other martial arts cultures that he decided to create jeet kund do based on wing tsun ideologies and principles. 

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  • fight fit!
    03/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Adding to the fight fit programme

    This week we are supplementing the fight fit programme with new drills to keep out students fight and their reactions sharp.

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  • 02/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Happy Birthday Ip man!

    Yesterday was our late master's birthday! Without Yip Man who helped establish Wing chun as the martial art as it is, none of what we see today in the martial arts world would be possible. We are grateful for your accomplishments Sifu, thank you!

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  • free lesson!
    01/10/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    First lesson free!

    Your first lesson at the martial practice wing tsun kung fu!

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  • 30/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Ipman in Bim Bap!

    Ip man really is everywhere!

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  • 26/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Class Times at Martial Practice Wing Tsun

    The Martial Practice holds classes on a scheduled basis, taking place between 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

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  • 26/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    robert downey jr. the wing chun master

    During RDJ's battle with addiction, wing chun helped Robery focus and discipline his mind and reach sobriety...

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  • 24/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    EWTO - our organisation and our community

    How the EWTO as an organisation works with The Martial Practice to bring Self defence and martial art lessons to you!

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  • 23/09/2019 - Alexander Mcgregor 0 Comments
    1 on 1 lessons at the martial practice wing tsun kung fu

    Book your 1 on 1 martial arts private lessons today at the martial practice!

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  • 22/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    2 week free trial of martial arts!

    The martial practice offers a two week free trial of martial arts training to any new comer, looking to better themselves. Our school offers fitness and stress training to ready yourself for the street. Discipline exercises to hone your mind with your body and training from the only qualified wing tsun instructor in Scotland, glasgow. If you are looking for a new hobby or experience in a martial art or kung fu style. 

    Contact Alex at: 07387813229

    or email at:

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  • 19/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    New page coming soon!

    A new page will be hitting the website soon! The Scientific art of wing tsun! Stay tuned for more!

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  • 19/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    3rd Degree!

    I have finally graduated to the third degree of wing tsun! (3rd dan) 

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  • 17/09/2019 - Alexander McGregor 0 Comments
    Using Programme 3

    This week we are covering the use of the lap sau and jut sau application in programme 3.

    Programme 3 focuses on trapping and flanking your opponent from out of range, to a close range position - while closing distance.

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