The Number MOST important thing in your training schedule?

What is the part of your training that will keep you the most safe when attacked? I explore in this blog an often neglected part of a martial artist's training programme

martial arts is a great way to build motivation and get fit, but why is fitness one of THE most important parts of your training to maintain? The answer is quite simple when you think about it. You can only fight for as long as your stamina allows you to. Training the best technique for a headlock, or how to throw someone to the ground is are great way to create the situation to defeat our aggressor. But we don’t know how long this fight will carry on for, or if we will be up against one, two or more opponents. If we don’t prepare our bodies and mind for such demand of high level of physical exertion, we may not be able to survive a more fit opponent, no matter how skilled we are.

So, how do we focus our wing tsun training to keep up fit and healthy? Here are two tips to get you on the right track

Balance your diet

Think of your body as any moving vehicle. You need the right fuel to get the best performance out your vehicle. Your body works in a similar way. Eating only fatty, sugary foods will make your body slow and sluggish, as well as make you more tired more often. Now i’m not saying to suddenly switch your diet to eating only greens, as that sudden change will be too much for your body and mind to cope. Instead slowly work it into your diet plan. Switch mid day snacks from cakes and biscuits to rice cakes or fruits. Balance your meals with vegetables and try to cook fresh more from scratch rather than buying pre packaged meals. Soon eating health with become more fun as you see it’s more tasty than you would imagine. While your body enjoys the benefits for a fitter you.

Workout consistently

From my own experience, the key to getting into shape does not come from how hard you work; but from how consistent you are. Many people trying to get fit in the beginning tend to tire themselves out in the beginning when their motivation is high. It tends to be that some people think that the faster and harder you workout, the quicker you will reach your goal - that isn’t entirely true. While you should push yourself in your workout, the key to fitting fit is the consistency our your workouts. Workout the often though out the week, even if that means you have to keep your workout a little shorter to make time for them in the week days, keep the workouts consistent and often in your workout schedule will eventually get you to where you want to be.

Work hard and work often!

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