Learn about Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a form of Kung Fu that has existed for around 300 years. Although it has been changed and adapted over the years, the core principle remains the same. The original creators are known as Ng Mui and Yim Wing-chun. They perfected the art over many years together and trained others in the art of self-defence.

Wing Tsun is classed as extreme self-defence, and its primary aim is to end the fight as quickly as possible, using a variety of strikes and grapples. The focus of the art involves three main principles:

  1. When the Way Is Free, Go Forward
  2. Yield to What Comes
  3. Follow What Leads

These principles are demonstrated through a variety of combination attacks and grapples to ensure the safety of the user. When Wing Tsun is taught, the teacher will demonstrate each of the combinations in live focus, so you are prepared at all times for any street attack.

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