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About Us

The art of Wing Tsun is a style of Kung Fu that is designed specifically to improve your self-defence in the event of a street attack. The Martial Practice is a martial arts dojo in Rutherglen, Glasgow, where Alexander McGregor conducts Wing Tsun classes for students aged 16 and over. Backed by more than seven years of experience, Alexander has trained with masters in Germany and is proud to be a member of the EWTO and the World Martial Arts Council. The EWTO is one of the biggest martial arts organisations in the world, and it hosts many events and seminars throughout Europe. Alongside Alexander, a number of other professional and experienced teachers host classes at the dojo.

Wing Tsun Training for Adults

Whether you feel in danger or not, improving your self-defence skills will increase your confidence. Alexander McGregor conducts Wing Tsun training classes, and although he hopes that you will never find yourself involved in a street attack, it pays to be prepared.


Discover the Art of Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun is a close-combat style of self-defence that can be used by almost anyone. It is based on three core principles and focuses upon helping you defend yourself against street attacks. With Alexander’s help, you will soon become a talented Wing Tsun operator.

Wing Tsun art of wingtsun

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